Peridot Naran

Luxury Hotel

Operated by Arcadian Hotels and Resorts


Naran is the most popular destination in the Kaghan Valley, visited by thousands of tourists each day in the peak season. With the ever-increasing demand for accommodation, the mushrooming growth of new hotels has led to considerable congestion in the town, especially around the main bazaar.

Keeping true to its goal of providing quality accommodation to its guests in some of the most beautiful settings possible, Arcadian has located its Peridot hotel in the outskirts of Naran, on the road to Saif-ul-Maluk. Sitting at one of the highest points of the town, the hotel offers uninterrupted views of the beautiful surrounding mountains and the pass leading up to the lake.

This is the first hotel in a large resort planned by Arcadian on the site, that will, one day, develop into an oasis of peace and tranquility in busy Naran. Even in this first phase, with the hotel having opened and the rest of the campus under development, Peridot provides the most comfortable lodgings in town to our guests, coupled with the cleanliness, hospitality and good food that the hallmark of all Arcadian hotels.

If you are visiting Naran, and if you’d like to have a peaceful stay in a pleasant environment, head over to Arcadian Peridot and let us take care of you!