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Standard Twin / Double Room

(1 Bedroom with two single beds or one double bed and attached bath. No TV. No Heater.)

5 4,000 5,000 7,000 5,000


Luxury Twin / Double Room

(1 Bedroom with two single beds or one double bed and attached bath. TV Included. Heating in Winter)

16 65,00 7,500 10,000 7,500


Deluxe Suite

(1 Bedroom with a double bed, attached bath and attached private lounge. TV Included.Heating in Winter)

1 9,000 10,500 15,000 10,500 9,000

Luxury Suite

(1 Large bedroom with two single beds or one double bed, attached bath and attached large private lounge. TV included. Heating in Winter)

2 10,000 12,000 17,500 12,000 10,000

  Extra Mattress

  1,000 11,00 1,300 11,00 1,000



Our Terms and Conditions apply to the prices listed above and to other aspects of bookings made with Arcadian Hotels and Resorts. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, please ensure that you are properly informed about the terms of your reservation before you finalise your booking with us.

Please look at our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for details of booking rules and entitlements.

Last updated: 01-01-2018


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  •      The room rates listed on this website are exclusive of government taxes. 17% GST and other applicable taxes shall be added on       top of all listed charges;

  •      17% GST and 10% service charges shall be applied on all restaurant and room service bills and on invoices for other services;

  •      The Arcadian Hotels and Resorts management reserves the right to modify any or all listed rates at its sole discretion, at any time      and without assigning any reason. Bookings against which advance payment has been received shall, however, be honoured and      those shall not be affected by any such rate adjustments;

  •      Number of beds in our different types of rooms/accommodation;
    • Twin/Double Room - 2 single beds or 1 double bed; (Shogran, Khanian, Murree)

    • Suite - 2 single beds or 1 double bed; (Shogran, Murree)

    • Small Cottage - 2 single beds or 1 double bed; (Shogran)

    • Family Room – 4 single beds; (Khanian)

    • Family Cottage - 2 single beds and 1 double bed; (Shogran, Khanian)

    • Presidential Family Floor – 2 single beds and 2 double beds. (Khanian

  •      Extra mattress booking limits for our different types of rooms/accommodation (charges shall apply as per our prevailing rates).

              We allow up to:

    • 1 extra mattress per Twin/Double Room; (Shogran, Khanian, Murree)

    • 2 extra mattresses per Suite; (Shogran, Murree)

    • 2 extra mattresses per Small Cottage; (Shogran)

    • 2 extra mattresses per Family Room; (Khanian)

    • 3 extra mattresses per Family Cottage; (Shogran, Khanian)

    • 4 extra mattresses on our Presidential Family Floor; (Khanain)

  •       Arcadian offers complimentary breakfast (restricted to our fixed complimentary breakfast menu) to our guests depending on       the type of accommodation booked, as follows:

    • 2 breakfasts per night of stay against booking of a Twin/Double Room, Suite or Small Cottage;

    • 4 breakfasts per night of stay against booking of a Family Room or Family Cottage

    • 6 breakfasts per night of stay against booking of the Presidential Family Floor in Khanian

    • Extra mattress charges DO NOT include complimentary breakfast for the additional guest(s)

  •      Conference or event package rates can be obtained from the Arcadian Hotels and Resorts Head Office in Islamabad. Each event      package shall be tailored, and rates quoted, based on the specific requirements of the client;

  •      Arcadian Sprucewoods Shogran and Arcadian Riverside Khanian may be closed for two to four months between December and      March. If you intend to visit one or both of these destinations over winter, please check with the Arcadian Office in Islamabad to      find out whether our resorts shall be open or closed on the dates of your planned visit;

  •      Rights of admission are reserved.

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